– Carving Station –

• Marinated London Broil, Whole Roast Turkey, Pastrami

• With Cocktail Breads Appropriate Condiments

• Assorted Pickles And Jardinière



– Duck 3 Ways –

• Peking Duck, Rolled To Order, Hoisin, Cucumber, Scallion

• Duck Fried Rice, Duck Crackle

• Crispy Duck Wontons, Apricot Dipping Sauce



– Italian Station –

• Baby Chicken Meatballs Served On Egg Noodles With Mushroom Ragout

• Baby Veal Meatballs Served On Shaved Fennel, Lemon Caper Sauce

• Traditional Beef Meatballs Over Orzo With A Marinara Sauce



– Korean Station –

• Flat Top Grilled Bulgogi (Prime Rib)

• Hoisin Glazed “Kalbi” (Short Rib)

• Red Leaf Lettuce, White Sticky Rice

• Vegetable Bibimbop, Fried Egg

• Wheels Of Scallion Pancake

• Assorted Vegetable Kimchi



– Middle Eastern –

• Flat Top Grilling Of Mini Kabobs, Lean

• Chicken, Beef, Vegetables

• Pita And Laffa Squares

• Israeli Salad, Aubergine Eggplant Salad, Humus

• Toasted Cous Cous, Minted Tabouli

– Poke Bar –

• Chopped Wild Scottish Salmon, Sushi Grade Tuna, Miso Cod

• Set On Timbales Of Sticky And Brown Rice With Edamame

• Crunchy Shallots, Fried Avocado And Shitaki Mushroom Cubes

• Diced Mango & Papaya, Sweet Red Chili Pepper Sauce



– Sushi Bar –

• Deluxe Sushi Bar To Include A Full Array Of Freshly Prepared Sushi And Sashimi Including: Dragon Rolls, Spicy Tuna Roll And Caviar Hand Rolls

• White, Brown Rice, Crispy Rice

• Soy, Low Sodium Soy, Ginger, And Daikon



– Risotto Bar –

• Ravier Presented Creamy Vegetable Risotto

• With The Following Toppings Available…

• Diced Baby Blistered Peppers, Bias Pencil Asparagus

• Baked Cipollini Onions Balsamic Drizzle

• Cremini, Button And Oyster Mushrooms, Sherry Wine

• Succotash Of Squash And Zucchini

• Creamed Spinach

• Fried Tofu Cubes



– Tartare Bar –

– Moo, Swim, Grow –

• Coarsely Ground Center cut Tenderloin Of Beef

• Fried Caper, Bermuda Onion, Worcestershire, Dijon Mustard

• Toast Points And Micro Greens

• Poached Quail Egg


– Diced Yellow Snapper, Pink Sea Salt –

• Cipollini Onion, Mirin, Diced Peppers

• Mini Martini Glass, Fresh Lemon, Ginger And Lime Essence


– Ruby Red And Sun Yellow Beets –

• Scallion, Aged Balsamic, Micro Radish, Baby Arugula

• Candied Lavender Shavings